Waterl<ss Tips & Tricks

Clean - Dry Shampoo & Dry Shampoo Foam Tips

Do expect something different

Many dry shampoos have been designed to leave white residue. Ours was specifically designed to be used by women with any hair color and thus is invisible when you spray. Refreshed hair should not have residue.

Do use prior to working out

Dry shampoos work best prior to a workout or exercising. Spray hair and do not brush out, pin up your hair and enjoy your workout. After you workout is finished, take your hair down and brush out the dry shampoo.

Do start small

The Dry Shampoo Foam will grow. Remember a little will go a long way. Need a little more, apply more.

Do dispense properly

Dispense the Dry Shampoo Foam into your hand first, then apply to the roots. This will allow you to control the amount and where the product is needed.

Condition - Weightless, Instant Moisture, and Hair Balm Tips

Perfect Duo

Dry Conditioner is the perfect companion for dry shampoo to enhance hair feel. It can also be used alone.

Apply before & after flat ironing

Spray conditioning spray over hair, brush through to remove any tangles and then flat iron for a smooth finish.

Frizz Fighter

Apply Instant Moisture Dry Conditioner or Hair Balm before heading outside to help fight frizz all day.

Apply after coloring

Spray Instant Moisture Dry Conditioner spray over hair after coloring between shampoos to help nourish hair.

Apply to natural curls for air-dry

Apply a few pumps to towel dried hair and air-dry to add and lock-in moisture with a frizz free finish.

Style - Curl Milk, Heat Shield, & Fragrance Tips

Blow Drying

Curl Milk works wonders when blow-drying hair straight.

Apply to natural curls

Add 1-2 pumps of Curl Milk to your natural curls to help detangle without weighing down your hair or leaving a greasy feel.

Blow drying to straightening

Spray Heat Shield all over wet hair, massage it in and blow dry. Then apply some more before flat ironing or straightening to help protect hair from breakage.

Rocking your Curls

On days when you choose to rock your curls, spray Heat Shield all over your curls for anti-frizz and lightweight hold.

Finishing touch

Use Fragrance Mists as a last step in your hair care routine.

Bye Bye Static

Apply Fragrance Mist anytime before or after putting on a scarf or hat to help reduce/prevent static.