How to Refresh Curly Hair

Curly hair — it’s beautiful, luscious, and full of life. But the very hair that looks gorgeous from the outside needs plenty of TLC and maintenance to look its best.  

Whether you have tight coils or larger curls, you know the reality - there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to tangle messy hair. Constantly moving your head from side to side all evening long creates frizz and knots that become unmanageable in the early hours.  

But there’s good news! Follow our simple guide below and refresh your curls after a long night of sleeping. You deserve it!

Tips to Preserve and Refresh Curls 

1. Protect Your Curls in Your Sleep  

If you sleep on your back or in a position that leaves your hair vulnerable, you’re likely to wake up with curls that don’t hold their shape. One way you can ward off breakage and prevent frizz is to invest in a silk pillowcase. A high-quality silk pillowcase will help protect your curls definition and reduce stress on your hair follicles. 

On top of a getting a better pillowcase, you can braid your hair or cover it with a scarf or hair bonnet. This will help keep fewer strands from rubbing against your bedding.  

2. Condition and Moisturize  

When you first wake up, add back the moisture that your hair lost overnight. With Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture, you can control frizz and flyaways, moisturize dry ends, and detangle without needing to shower or use any water. All you have to do is shake, spray from mid-shafts to ends, and run fingers through your hair.  

3. Redefine with a Curl Styling Milk 

After you condition, try adding the Waterl<ss Curl Styling Milk to your routine. This nourishing formula helps detangle, define, and soften curly hair. Just a couple of pumps of product will help you rock defined curls that make a statement.  

Pro-tip: You can also apply it before bed to keep your hair moisturized and soft overnight.  

How to Use Curl Styling Milk? 

One of the best ways to refresh curls after sleeping in the morning is to apply a styling product formulated for textured or curly hair. Here’s how to apply:  

Step 1: Apply 2 pumps or so of product to palms. Rub your hands together.  

Step 2: Smooth through hair from mid-shaft to ends. Make sure to incorporate through every strand. 

Step 3: Finger comb and twist the product through your curls.  

Step 4: You’re done. Enjoy soft and defined curls.