5 Easy Ways to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

From blow outs, silk presses, or wand curls, heated tools can help you switch up your look. But at what cost? Excessive heat styling can worsen already damaged hair, causing irregular texture and strands that are prone to breakage. No thanks! 

Ideally, we’d all ditch the styling tools and rock our natural texture. But we realize that these mighty tools can give us hairstyles that aren’t possible any other way. So, if you’d like to keep your tools, here are 5 simple tips to help protect your hair from the heat. 

1) Let Your Hair Air-Dry 

After you wash your hair, be sure to let your hair dry at least 50 to 75% on its own. If you have highly textured hair now is a great time to detangle using the Waterl<ss Curl Styling Milk to melt away those tangles while defining your kinks and coils. 

2) Add Moisture 

Before you start using hot tools, make sure that you’re adding healthy moisturizing products to your routine. This includes shampoo, conditioner, oils, and balms that are designed to protect and hydrate dry locks. The healthier your hair, the more resistant it will be to heat. 

Control frizz and add moisture back to your hair with Waterl<ss Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture and Waterl<ss Hair Balm Condition & Style. In tandem, these products will repair, strengthen, and add shine to your hair before styling. 

3) Shield Your Hair 

If you are going to follow any of the tips on this page, make sure that you’re adding a heat protectant to your routine. This product seals and protects hair from damage caused by hot tools. Think of it like sunscreen for your stands. 

Try our Waterl<ss Heat Shield Protectant to defend your locks from thermal heat styling up to 450 degrees so you can get the style you want without harm. Plus, it’s free of parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. 

4) Use Quality Tools 

Have you had your heated tools for one year too many? If so, consider swapping for updated models that offer temperature controls and newer technology. With blow dryers, look for one that has a nozzle attachment to distribute heat evenly across your hair. Or simply, add a diffuser to a hair dryer you already own. 

When using your tool of choice, make sure that you’re using a lower temperature when styling your hair. Try to stay under 200 degrees Fahrenheit to limit as much damage as possible.  

5) Dry Hair Before Styling 

Using a heated tool on partially wet hair can cause extra breakage. If you’re in a rush, we recommend blow drying your hair on a low setting before using an iron. The extra few minutes will protect your hair from irreversible damage. 

All these tips are easy to include in your wash day routine and are made even easier when you use Waterl<ss! Shop our line of products that are made for use outside of the shower, and will keep your hair clean, soft, and healthy.