How to Use Dry Shampoo Foam

Why get up early or waste water when we have the modern convenience of dry products that work? 

These days, there are many options that you can choose from to extend your style, go longer in between wash days, and refresh your locks. Meet dry shampoo foam. 

Unlike most spray dry shampoos, the foam absorbs oil without leaving visible residue in your hair. This formulation is perfect for thick, curly, and natural hair. 

What is Dry Shampoo Foam?   

Like its powdery counterpart, foam shampoo is applied to roots and massaged into the scalp. The difference? There’s a little dash of water added for ease and extra cleaning power.  

If your hair is thick or textured, formulas like Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo Foam leave hair shiny and fresh. It effortlessly absorbs oil and instantly removes buildup left in your scalp. This is perfect before styling your hair. 

If you have thin hair, you can also enjoy the benefits of dry shampoo foam. Since it’s weightless, your hair is not only left cleansed but also bouncy and volumized. In a pinch, this product can double as a texturizing spray for on-the-go use. A little goes a long way, so try a small amount to start and add additional product as needed. 

How to Use 

Learning how to properly use a dry shampoo foam can make all the difference in your hair care routine. Here are some steps that we recommend: 

Step #1: Make Sections 

Gently separate dry hair into sections to ensure that the product can properly reach roots.  

Step #2: Shake 

Make sure to shake the product well before applying to your hair. 

Step #3: Apply to Roots 

Dispense a walnut-sized amount into your hands and rub together. Apply to your scalp and any additional oily areas. 

Step #4: Massage 

Once the product is applied to roots, begin to massage into scalp with your fingertips or a brush. 

Step #5: Style and Enjoy 

After massaging the product thoroughly into your scalp, let your hair air-dry for a few minutes. Next, use your favorite stylers and finish with a quick spray of Waterl<ss hair fragrance mist to keep your locks smelling and looking good all day without water. 

Try our cleansing Dry Shampoo foam and other Waterl<ss products to keep your hair looking fresh and clean without stepping foot into the shower.