Dry Conditioner 101: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Adding a dry conditioner to your beauty toolkit is an absolute must-have so you can enjoy better hair days without stepping into the shower. You can hydrate dry hair and refresh your mane in just seconds. Just think: no need to take a pitstop before your date after a workout. Feel confident with a quick spray of dry conditioner.   

What is Dry Conditioner?   

Found in an aerosol container, dry conditioner contains oils and silicones to reduce frizz, add shine, manage flyaways, and boost hydration for dull hair. Unlike traditional leave-in conditioners, our Dry Conditioner Weightless Smooth and Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture add instant softness without weighing down your hair.  

Dry shampoo and dry conditioner work together. When you are swamped for time or just want to save a little water, these products can be used to clean roots and soften dry hair.  

Here are just some of the incredible benefits of adding a dry conditioner to your routine:  

  1. It saves you time. We know you’re busy — and your hair is one less thing you should have to worry about. All you have to do is spritz on your hair and get on with your day, as you should.  

  2. It adds hydration. Dry, damaged hair can be a nuisance. But with dry conditioner, you can boost hydration without setting foot in the shower.  

  3. It extends heat styling. Curling your hair is fun, but it takes so much time. With dry conditioner, you can refresh your hair in the days after heat styling. No need to use heat tools on your hair every single day.   

How to Use Dry Conditioner   


Now that you know how it works, let’s talk about how to apply dry conditioner to your hair. It’s simple and takes less than a minute from spray to go.  

Step #1: Brush Your Hair  

To ensure that every strand is covered properly, first untangle any knots or tangles. If your roots are looking a little oily, spray some good-quality dry shampoo like our Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo No Residue for a refresh.   

Step #2: Spray Like You Mean It 

Take your dry conditioner of choice and shake well before use. Spray from mid-shafts to the ends of your hair. You just need enough to lightly cover strands.   

Step #3: Smooth It Out 

Run your fingers or brush through your hair to evenly distribute product. And now you’re done! 

The world is complicated, but your hair shouldn’t be. Build your non-wash regimen with Waterl<ss and keep your hair looking its best.