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Can I use these products on damp hair?

For best results, products should be used on dry hair.

Can I use these products if I suffer from a dry scalp or dandruff?

Our products are not anti-dandruff. However, if you are seeking to add some moisture to your dry scalp, we recommend trying one of our Dry Conditioners sprays that will not leave your scalp or hair feeling overly greasy or weighed down.

Is Waterl<ss Brand cruelty free, vegan, or organic?

Our products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal by- products.

How would I know which product to choose for my hair type if I am not sure what my hair type is?

Our Dry Shampoos are designed for oily roots. Invisible Dry Shampoo is best suited for women with finer hair who tend to have very oily scalps whereas Foam Dry Shampoo is best for med-thick or curly hair. Dry Conditioners are for dry hair or when you would like to add to softness /smoothness to your hair. We recommend starting with our Weightless Smooth Dry Conditioner which is buildable. If you would thicker hair, start with our Instant Moisture or try our Hair Balm. For curly hair that needs moisture and some extra nourishment, we recommend our Curl Milk that will slay any tangles you may have. Our Fragrance Mist and Heat Shield are designed for all types of hair.

Is the packaging as mindful as the product, packaging info?

Our cans are constructed of aluminum and can be recycled provided proper systems are in place for collection and recycling.

Is it better to use these products before or after I have styled my hair with heating products like a flat iron?

We have products to meet your needs throughout your entire styling process. Before using any heating product/appliance, you should definitely apply our Heat Shield. Heat Shield not only protects your hair from heat (up to 450F), it also provides conditioning benefits at the same time. Some of our consumers use our Dry Conditioners both before styling (to remove tangles and make smooth before flat ironing or curling) and after styling (to alignment any flyways/loose hairs).

Fragrance Mists are designed to be that finishing touch...just spray and go!

Are Waterl<ss products sulfate and paraben free?

All of our products are paraben free.

Our Foam Dry Shampoo does contain sodium lauryl sulphate(SLS). SLS is very effective at removing oils and product build up from the hair. However, we want consumers to understand SLS alone does not strip colour from the hair. During hair colouring, the large dye polymers form inside the hair. These get trapped inside the hair due to their size and hence results in the colour. When hair gets soaked with water, the hair shaft will swell. In doing so, the cuticles are forced to open, and dye/colour fragments are then able to leave the hair resulting in colour fading hence, WATER alone can strip color if you wet your hair on a regular basis. Using our product, Foam Dry Shampoo, that is used on dry hair (no rinsing/adding of water) will reduce the color fading process experience with normal washing.

Can Waterl<ss be used on hair extensions, wigs, etc.?

Waterl<ss is designed for the hair you was born with to the hair you purchased.

  • For removing excess product build up, we recommend using our Dry Shampoo Foam. Dispense a small amount of product into hand and massage into wig hair as needed. Need a little more apply a little more. Allow wig to complete dry(air dry/towel/blow dryer) before styling. Traditional dry shampoos can be used on wigs and extension to help remove the glossy shine look when first purchased. Remember a little goes a long way.

  • Our Dry Conditioners are a terrific way to help maintain the softness and vibrancy (removing that dull look) without disrupting the curl pattern, weighing it down or leaving that artificial greasy/shine look that is experienced with some oil sheen products or oil products.

  • Our Hair Refreshers will be both yours and your wigs’ best friend for refreshing the smell after multiple wears or when odours arise.